Expert Identifies Instances Where Drones Must Be Shot Down at Russia’s Border

Aeronext CEO Gleb Babintsev said that unmanned aerial vehicles that do not respond properly to requests from control centers should be shot down when approaching the Russian border.

This was voiced in Babintsev’s statements to the Novosti agency, where he continued that “only comprehensive protection will work effectively, in the sense of automatically identifying devices and destroying them, if the drone is not equipped and does not report itself,” and even if the aircraft reported on the march about himself, so it is necessary to check the encrypted code, perhaps this is a disguised enemy, and, if necessary, send a command to an outside crew to restore the aircraft or an emergency landing, according to the expert.

The specialist explained that “if the drone does not respond, it must be immediately destroyed or shot down,” noting that the plane that attacked Moscow this morning could cost about a million rubles (about 12,000 US dollars).

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