According to the Leak, The Minecraft World Editor will be Arriving at Bedrock in the Near Future

It was discovered in the game’s files before the end of last year that keen-eyed players have found allusions to a Minecraft “World Editor” mode or a “Toolbox Mode,” particularly in a preview for upcoming game upgrades. This information was found on the Bedrock platform and is thought to be only being developed for PCs.


For at least a few months, there have been rumblings about the appearance of this feature in the game. But, users have only lately – today recently – been able to get a glimpse of what the Minecraft World Editor might resemble on Bedrock.

One insider claims to have received footage of the gadget used throughout the development process in a tweet.

It’ll Make Things Much Easier

If you enjoy creating large structures in Minecraft, you’ve already discovered a technique to streamline the process. Several mods for other versions of Minecraft can be installed to simplify building. Building toolkits and world editors have been around for a while.

According to the Leak, The Minecraft World Editor will be Arriving at Bedrock in the Near Future_

However, concrete plans exist to add an official Minecraft World Editor feature to Bedrock, possibly only for PC. This feature will let users build, edit, and reshape their surroundings with the click of a button.

Roger Badgerman, who describes himself as a “real games industry insider,” uploaded a little video on Twitter that demonstrates the work-in-progress editor in use:

This purported leak supports reports published last year by SmokeyStack, a developer of Minecraft add-ons who also shared his discoveries on Twitter. Code from the game’s files and a revealing graphic that made a clear allusion to a Minecraft Editor Mode eventually appearing in Bedrock were revealed in this disclosure.

The new editor is anticipated to be exclusive to PC and could even become game mode.

Would you like to manage your builds one block at a time or benefit from a Minecraft World Editor for Bedrock?

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