34 killed in two armed attacks in Burkina Faso

At least 34 people have died in Burkina Faso in two armed attacks in the north and north-west of the country.

And the French news agency quoted Baba Pierre Basingu, governor of the Boucle-de-Mojon region, as saying that on the night of Sunday to Monday, “the inhabitants of the rural district of Bouraço (northwest) were subjected to a cowardly and barbaric attack by armed men”, noting, that “preliminary losses as a result of this terrorist attack are 22 killed and many others injured, in addition to material losses.

A security source told AFP earlier on Monday that the attack killed “about 15 men, women and children, according to preliminary figures”, while a local source said the death toll from the attack was “about 20”.

According to one of the residents, “the militants first wandered around the village around 5 pm (local and international time), firing into the air. Later in the night they again fired indiscriminately at the inhabitants. ”

Another security source said another fatal attack took place on Saturday in Namisegin, in Yatinga province in the north of the country.

He explained that “as a result of this attack, 12 people were killed, including three volunteers for the defense of the Motherland,” and these are civilians fighting alongside the army. This attack has triggered waves of displacement since Sunday.

Source: AFP

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