American basketball player imprisoned in Russia asks Biden for help

American basketball player Britney Grainer, who was arrested in Russia for possession of drugs, turned to US President Joe Biden with a request to help secure her release.

In her letter to Biden, Greiner expressed her “fear of staying here forever” and urged the US President “not to forget her and the rest of the American prisoners.”

“President Biden has made it clear that all American citizens held hostage or illegally held abroad, including Britney Grainer, must be released,” NSC spokeswoman Adrian Watson said.

The spokeswoman stressed that the US government continues efforts to bring Greiner home.

Notably, Britney Grainer, a two-time Olympian with Team USA, was arrested at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport in February last year on charges of drug possession because she was found to be in possession of cannabis oil.

Source: Associated Press.

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