300 Turkish intellectuals demand a ban on military operation in Syria

308 Turkish intellectuals, including scholars, journalists, writers and representatives, issued a joint statement calling on the opposition to take action to prevent a possible military operation in Syria.

The statement condemned the military operation in Iraq’s Kurdistan, noting that a possible military operation in Syria was devoid of any correct reference, and considered that talk of an “enemy threatening Turkey from the Syrian side” was a pretext fabricated by the ruling coalition. .

Referring to the statements of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that he wants to conduct a military operation in northern Syria to create a “safe zone” 30 km deep, the statement clarifies that the target area includes people who are defending their occupied lands, rights and property, suffering from intense pain and being killed.

The statement emphasized that a possible military operation would not benefit anyone but the ruling power, and that this military operation would cause great harm to the rest of the Turkish people, in addition to “young people who are forced to fight and kill in a foreign land.” lands and martyrs who died for the survival of the ruling power, and not for the sake of the motherland.

The statement added that the allocation of huge funds for armaments and war in a country where millions of citizens live on the verge of starvation and face great difficulties in everything from food, housing and children’s education to health care, will exacerbate the country’s economic problems. citizens of the state and the difficulties of everyday life.

The statement denounced the opposition’s failure to take a firm stand on the issue, emphasizing that failure to demonstrate a firm stance on the government’s policies would make the opposition “involved in bloodshed and crimes against humanity, Turkey and its people.”

The statement calls on opposition parties “not to interfere in any crimes of the ruling power and to participate in this war without allowing it to be adopted by parliament.”

Source: Turkish newspaper Zaman.

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