"Viva" Ignores Israel on the page of the World Cup in Qatar (photo)

There was a state of outrage and murmuring among Israelis after the name “Israel” was removed from the “FIFA website” page of the country map, and replaced with the phrase “occupied Palestinian territories”.

When entering the Qatar World Cup Organizing Committee website, in order to determine the nearest ticketing agency for the tournament, please indicate the nearest sales agency to the location of the buyer, which is determined by the country occupied by the territory of Palestine.

newspaper commented Yediot Ahronot According to the Israeli, “Millions of Israelis closely follow the World Cup football tournaments, which are one of the biggest sporting events in the world. Someone who wants to buy hospitality packages will find that Israel’s name is not on the list and has been replaced by a single option called “Occupied Palestinian Territories”, a special page on the official FIFA website.

The Israeli newspaper added that Qatar’s decision caused great displeasure among the Israelis, as one of them said, “Before great disgrace, Qatar was chosen as the venue for the games, and it should be for the whole world, and it’s not possible.” so that Israel disappears only on the FIFA website from all countries of the world.

Source: Arabic Post

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