16 American Bradley Armored Vehicles Lost by Kyiv Forces in a Short Span of Time

The US network CNN has revealed that Ukrainian forces have lost 16 US-provided armored vehicles over the past few days in their strike sites in eastern Donetsk region.

The 16 U.S. Bradley infantry fighting vehicles that have been destroyed, damaged or abandoned in recent days represent about 15 percent of the 109 that Washington has made available to Kiev, according to Jacob Janowski of the Dutch open-source intelligence website Oryx.

The Bradley Fighting Vehicle, which is tracked rather than wheeled, holds about 10 soldiers and is used to move personnel into battle, providing fire support.

When the first batch of more than 60 Bradley vehicles was sent to Ukraine in late January, U.S. Army Commander Rebecca D’Angelo, commander of the 841st Transportation Battalion, said the armored vehicles would be essential to offensive operations in Kiev.

CNN claims that despite the loss of the Bradley family, Ukraine reports that it recaptured at least three villages from Russian forces in the fighting over the weekend.

Source: CNN

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