Erdogan warns against threats to peace in Turkish Cyprus, hints at alternative measures

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday on behalf of the Turkish Cypriots that “Turkish Cypriots must be treated on an equal footing with Greek Cypriots and should be given their rights.”

During a press conference with the president of “Turkish” Cyprus, Erdogan said: “The Turkish Cypriots must be treated on an equal footing with the Greek Cypriots and given their full right”, explaining that “if there is a return to the negotiating table and negotiations on Cyprus, which pass. “Only through the recognition of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.”

Erdogan added: “Turks have never been a minority on the island of Cyprus and will never be a minority.” visit after the election of the victorious president to Cyprus, and then to Azerbaijan. Tonight I will be in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, and tomorrow I will return to Turkey.”

And the Turkish President continued: “No progress has been made on the Cyprus issue due to the hardening of the position of Greek Cyprus in recent years … We and the Turkish Cypriots do not want to lose another 50 years of negotiations that will not lead to any result,” adding: “We discussed the situation in the eastern Mediterranean and reaffirm that we are determined to protect our rights and the rights of Cyprus, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, to natural resources.

And Turkish President Erdogan added: “If there are those who want to disrupt the peace, then we will start implementing a“ other project ”. We want there to be no disturbances or obstacles to peace and that the Aegean (between Turkey and Greece) be the sea of ​​peace.”

Erdogan continued: “The Turkish side has always taken a constructive and supportive stance to achieve results in the Cyprus issue… The legitimate demands of the ancient and main element of the island, the Turkish Cypriots, are clear and unambiguous… They have never been a minority and never will be”, adding: “Affirmation sovereign equality equal to the international status of the Turkish Cypriots as their birthright is necessary for us.”

“Concrete proposals by the Turkish Cypriot side regarding the fair distribution of hydrocarbon resources in and around the island of Cyprus are still on the negotiating table,” he added.

And he continued: “The peace and security of our brothers on the island means our peace and security … As a homeland, we support the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus with all our capabilities and energy, and as long as we continue to support sincere efforts to achieve a peaceful solution to the Cyprus issue, we will continue to increase our contribution to the Republic of Turkey”. With regard to Northern Cyprus… we will continue to firmly defend the rights and interests of Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.”

Source: RT

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