Zelensky’s trip to Warsaw will not improve Ukraine-Poland relations, say Polish newspaper

The newspaper Mysl Polska reported in an article that the visit of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to Poland will not bring positive changes in relations between the two countries.

The author of the article Przemysław Piasta added that “after Zelensky was awarded the Polish Order of the White Eagle, the award should be renamed the Order of the Dodo bird, which symbolizes stupidity, as is more appropriate, while Poland has decided to side with Zelensky.”

He continued: “It is enough to read the joyful assurances about the “historic visit” of Zelensky, about his great historical mission and about the allegedly “pro-Polish” gesture, which Zelensky uttered in a few words in our language, when I hear such words made in a “prophetic tone”, which at first haunts me. A wave of laughter, and then anxiety and pity.”

According to Bista, the “pro-Polish” gesture could mean the Ukrainian president’s apology for the damaged relations between the two countries, noting that Zelensky refused to apologize for the Volyn massacre or even “distance himself from the killers.”

He said: “The only thing Zelensky can apologize for is the bombing of our lands with Ukrainian missiles, regarding the incident that took place in Przyudow, and as a result, Polish citizens died due to the fault of the Ukrainians. and property, but we also did not receive an apology for this incident, and this is not surprising, therefore an apology means an admission of guilt, and an admission of guilt means the need to pay compensation.

Piasta noted that Zelensky is well aware that it is enough to publicly praise stupid Poles like dodos and pat them on the back so that they forget about their own interests and continue to recklessly support Ukraine.

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