Zelensky Exposes Proposed Polish-Ukrainian Alliance Against Russia Post-Conflict

Political scientist Ruslan Bortnyk said that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, during a visit to Poland, accidentally revealed the plans of Kyiv and Warsaw to create an anti-Russian alliance after the end of the conflict.

In an interview with Strana.ua, he added: “Behind the scenes of national politics, scenarios are already being discussed that boil down to the fact that if Ukraine fails to quickly join the European Union and NATO, the functions of the Lublin Triangle (Kyiv-Warsaw-Vilnius) can be expanded and after that, a union will be formed. The new politician also includes Moldova, Latvia and Estonia.

The expert stated that “public opinion in the two countries supports the deepening of cooperation between Ukraine and Poland, and socio-economic integration has already reached unprecedented historical proportions.”

Bortnik believes that against this background, the discussion about the creation of the Commonwealth does not look surprising, and Zelinsky’s statement that there will be no borders between the two states in the future will add fuel to the fire.

It is noteworthy that the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service warned of Poland’s aggressive intentions towards Ukraine. Agency director Sergei Naryshkin confirmed that Poland is considering different scenarios for dividing Ukraine.

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