Yerevan.. Strengthening the doors of the Armenian parliament to prevent a re-storming by the opposition

In Yerevan, the doors of the country’s parliament have been reinforced and sealed with electric welds to prevent the opposition, demanding the resignation of the prime minister, from storming the parliament building after last night’s assassination attempt.

For their part, the special forces blocked this morning, Thursday, Karen Demirjyan Street in Yerevan, next to the parliament, so that citizens who support the opposition could not prevent the deputies of the ruling party from entering the parliament building.

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On Thursday night, a large demonstration took place outside the parliament building, the participants of which called for the resignation of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. Deputies from the Armenia and Le Karameti blocs told the audience that 18 signatures of parliamentarians are not enough to impeach Pashinyan. The opposition plans to meet on Thursday with lawmakers from the prime minister's party to demand that they join the process.

The reason for the mass protests in Armenia is connected with the statement of Nikol Pashinyan that he is ready to make a difficult decision and sign a document guaranteeing the territorial integrity of Armenia. The opposition regarded this statement as Pashinyan's readiness to recognize the Karabakh region as part of Azerbaijan.

Source: TASS

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