With iOS 16.4, You’ll be Able to Choose Which Apple ID You Want to Use for Beta Access

Apple is altering how developers and the general public may sign up for beta releases with the release of iOS 16.4 and iPadOS 16.4. Access will require an Apple ID connected to a developer or public beta account in the future. Today’s iOS 16.4 beta allows you to log in with two distinct Apple IDs.

With iOS 16.4, You'll be Able to Choose Which Apple ID You Want to Use for Beta Acce ss_

The earlier betas made it clear that users would have to log into a developer account or choose to participate in the public beta to access the appropriate development or public beta. Those with distinct Apple IDs for personal and beta access still needed to choose. To address this issue, iOS 16.4 beta 3 introduces a new Apple ID field that may be used to sign in with a different Apple ID.

You can log in using a separate Apple ID that is a member of the Apple Developer Program or the Apple Beta Software Program.

Apple lets you enter a different Apple ID for downloading the beta when you tap the Apple ID button under Settings > General > Software Update. By using a developer or public beta Apple ID to download betas, you can use your ordinary Apple ID for all other iPhone operations.

Most of those who install betas via Development Center accounts will be impacted by this change in how beta updates are obtained. For forward, there won’t be a way to install a beta from a profile, and everyone using the developer beta will need a developer account.

Anyone who decides to sign up may access the public beta. Public betas lag behind developer betas. Therefore non-developers can currently access developer betas by using developer profiles accessible to anybody with the link.

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After iOS 16.4, this restriction on beta access will apply to betas. It will primarily be apparent during the anticipated iOS 17 beta testing period later this year.

The tweak makes the beta update process easier while preventing non-developers from installing betas using a developer profile. Without taking additional steps to set up a profile, users can choose to enable the developer or public beta they have access to right from an iPhone or iPad.

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