What is the reason for changing the Sunak file from red to green at the same place and at the same time?

A video circulated by British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak when he was Boris Johnson’s Treasury Secretary showed him holding a red file that quickly turned green.

Sonak appeared in the video walking with a red file that inexplicably changed to green after he drove past a parked car. Later it turned out that the producer of the famous station that originally broadcast this clip decided that it was better to play with the color of the file.

On March 11, 2020, the UK’s Sky News YouTube channel posted the aforementioned video, sparking a flurry of controversy and speculation about what had happened.

Jonathan Samuels, host of the UK station, later clarified on Twitter that it was a “creative choice” by the “editing” department that matched the text of a news report about tackling climate change and the British government’s commitment to a clean environment. solutions.

In turn, producer Rhiannon Williams revealed that the editing was done to highlight the need for a green budget.

Source: agencies

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