Warsaw refuses to comment on the news about "Polish legion" in Ukraine

Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland Pavel Yablonsky declined to comment on the news about the creation in Ukraine of a special unit consisting of Polish citizens.

“I will not comment on this information, as there is a lot of unreliable information, and the lack of accuracy … repeatedly leads to the appearance of unreliable information,” Yablonsky radio RMF FM said.

At the same time, he pointed out that the Polish military does not officially participate in hostilities in Ukraine, adding: “We provide Ukraine with military equipment, help it in military training, treat the wounded, provide humanitarian assistance, but the Polish army does not participate in the war.”

However, the Polish Deputy Minister admitted that Warsaw knew how many Polish citizens participated in the hostilities in Ukraine. He continued: “We have information about the participation of individual Polish citizens in the war, but they all do it under their own responsibility. They are not soldiers of the Polish army and not people sent by the Polish state.”

Yesterday, on Thursday, the electronic newspaper Onet reported that a special military unit is being created in Ukraine, consisting of Polish citizens, which is called the Polish Volunteer Corps.

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