Warnings and concerns about Israeli infiltration into Moroccan universities

The National Working Group on Palestine and the Moroccan Observatory Against Normalization have both expressed concern about “the growing Israeli penetration of Morocco’s universities and higher institutions through accelerated normalization steps.”

The National Working Group on Palestine and the Moroccan Observatory Against Normalization confirmed that “the condemned official normalization, culminating in the scandalous signing by the Minister of Higher Education on behalf of Morocco’s higher education and scientific research sector, the so-called memorandum of understanding with the Zionist entity, has unfortunately created , subjective and objective conditions for the withdrawal of Zionists from Moroccan universities.

The two anti-normalization bodies, in a letter addressed to the National Higher Education Syndicate, warned of the danger of exposing “a series of infiltrations and its intelligence services, covert and declared, on campus through a series of what has been called scientific and research activities organized by officers and leaders Israeli army in a number of university institutions, under misleading descriptions and names, and with great secrecy about their true identities.

The dissertation focused on the danger of this infiltration for the future of Moroccan universities and research in their institutions, especially for students and young people.

The head of the Moroccan Observatory Against Normalization, Ahmed Wehman, believes that “Israeli infiltration of the Moroccan university is a target for the country’s elite and an investment in tightening control over Morocco and its capabilities through the creation of a Zionist elite that will be empowered from high positions and from economic, social and cultural associations of the state to be governed as a Moroccan front for the rule of occupation for Morocco.

Last May, Moroccan Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation Abdellatif Miraoui signed a cooperation agreement with Israeli Minister of Science, Technology and Space Orit Farkas Hacohen, the first of its kind in the field of university education since the resumption of bilateral relations on May 24. December 2020.

Source: Press Kingdomtogether

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