US State Department: Iran supported Russia’s war against Ukraine

The US State Department believes that Iran expressed support for the Russian operation in Ukraine during the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Tehran.

Commenting on Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s statements during his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, US State Department spokesman Ned Price said Khamenei “fundamentally supports Putin’s brutal invasion of Ukraine.”

He added: “This is especially remarkable because throughout this period, Iran has tried to maintain an image of neutrality and has stated that it is against war.”

He continued, “Now it is clear that it was completely empty talk. Iran joined the small group of countries that maintained an image of neutrality and ultimately supported Vladimir Putin and his war against Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.”

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said during a meeting with Putin in Tehran on Tuesday that NATO “would start a war against Russia if it wasn’t stopped in Ukraine.”

Source: RT

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