US Presidential Candidate: America Cannot Replace Destroyed Ukrainian Weapons

US presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. said that the US does not have the opportunity to replenish the stocks of artillery weapons that were sent to Ukraine and destroyed there.

Robert Kennedy, Jr., nephew of the thirty-fifth US President John F. Kennedy, added: “The Russians cannot lose this war … It is a matter of life for them, and they are building up their forces, and they have a clear superiority in artillery over us. As for us, we cannot compensate. Artillery weapons. We lost in this area.”

According to him, all the actions of the US government from the very beginning were aimed at prolonging the conflict. He stressed that if he is elected president, he will achieve an immediate ceasefire.

Kennedy Jr. noted that the governments of Ukraine and the United States are struggling to hide the “catastrophic” losses of Ukrainian forces and that the situation in Ukraine represents a “violent standoff” from the Second World War.

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