US-Pakistan Secret Arms Sales to Ukraine: How it Helped Secure an Agreement with the International Monetary Fund

US-Pakistan Arms Sales Agreement for IMF Assistance


The US helped Pakistan reach an agreement with the International Monetary Fund in exchange for secret arms sales to Ukraine.

Reported Arms Sales Agreement

This was reported by the Intercept website, citing documents and sources familiar with the matter. The site continued that the documents contain information about agreements between the United States and Pakistan for the sale of weapons from the summer of 2022 to the spring of 2023, with the intermediary in these transactions being American company Global Military Products.

Role of Arms Sales in Financial Assistance

The newspaper reports: “Economic capital and political goodwill from arms sales played a major role in obtaining financial assistance from the International Monetary Fund, and the State Department agreed to share information with the International Monetary Fund about an undisclosed arms deal.”

Diplomatic Meeting

According to the Intercept, last May, Pakistan’s ambassador to Washington, Masood Khan, met with US Assistant Secretary of State Donald Lowe, and the ambassador was told that Pakistan would receive money to purchase ammunition and the International Monetary Fund would be informed about the deal.

Challenges Faced by Pakistan

It is worth noting that in order to receive assistance from the international organization, Pakistan had to achieve certain goals in achieving which it faced difficulties, and, according to the Intercept website, money from arms sales to Ukraine was taken into account.

Financial Impact of the Secret Deal

The website adds: “The secret deal would allow Pakistan to add about a billion dollars to its balance sheet if the United States revealed the secret to the International Monetary Fund.”


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