US National Security Council Spokesman Warns of Negative Impact on Ukrainian Army if US Support is Withdrawn

US National Security Council emphasizes importance of continued support for Ukraine

US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said any withdrawal of US support would negatively impact the Ukrainian army’s ability to succeed on the battlefield.

US support crucial for Ukraine’s success

Kirby stressed in an interview with US channel MSNBC on Tuesday: “We don’t want this support for Ukraine to be depleted or to be significantly impacted by anything… It’s important for people to remember that the United States is the largest contributor to Ukraine’s success on the battlefield, and if we will give it up “It will affect this success.”

Ukrainian counter-offensive ongoing

Speaking about the Ukrainian counter-offensive, Kirby said: “It’s ongoing as we speak. Yes, they haven’t moved as far as they would like and not as fast as they would like, but they are making steady progress, especially in the south.”

Loss of funding would hinder success

He added, “We want to be confident that they have every possible means to continue to achieve this sustained success, and therefore any loss of funding would negatively impact their ability to succeed,” referring to a possible government shutdown in the United States that could occur unless members of Congress reach agreement on a budget bill to continue funding the government.

Wrong signal to Putin

Kirby believed that US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s decision to prevent Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky from making a speech before the full Congress sends the “wrong signal” to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Continued support from Congress

Kirby stated, “We have seen great support in both houses of Congress and from both parties for continued support for Ukraine, and the House leadership also shares the same position,” noting that “we must continue to work with members of Congress, and we believe that there is a way forward and continue to support Ukraine.”

Source: MSNBC

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