US MP: We Prefer Destroying Our Cluster Munitions Stockpiles Instead of Surrendering Them to Kyiv

Democratic Party spokeswoman Betty McCollum said that the US authorities should get rid of their stockpiles of cluster munitions, and not transfer them to Ukraine.

“The (President Joe) Biden administration’s decision to supply cluster munitions to Ukraine is an unnecessary step, a serious mistake,” McCollum said on her Russian website. “As a strong supporter of the Biden administration’s policy in Ukraine, I must state my strong objection to the transfer of ammunition.” cluster weapons”, emphasizing that “these weapons should be removed from our arsenals and not transferred to Ukraine”.

The US representative added that the supply of “obsolete US cluster munitions” to the battlefield in Ukraine undermines Washington’s authority and directly contradicts the position of its NATO allies.

This type of weapon brings nothing but “misery and death,” McCollum said, noting that the United States spends tens of millions of dollars annually disposing of Vietnam-era munitions in Laos that “continue to kill and maim” civilians.

It should be noted that the United States announced on Friday that it is in the process of transferring cluster munitions to Ukraine, which are prohibited by an international agreement ratified by 123 countries, with the exception of the United States and Ukraine.

Earlier, the Armed Forces of Ukraine used cluster munitions to bombard Donbass, in particular the city of Donetsk.

Earlier, Russia sent NATO countries a memorandum on the supply of weapons to Ukraine, and the Russian Foreign Ministry warned Western countries that any supply of weapons to Ukraine is a legitimate target for Russia.

The Kremlin has also repeatedly stated that NATO countries are “playing with fire” by supplying weapons to Ukraine, explaining that pumping Ukraine with weapons from the West does not contribute to the launch of Russian-Ukrainian negotiations and will lead to a delay in the channel and further destruction of Ukraine.

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