US Investigators Allege That Wuhan Institute Conducted Experiments Leading to Corona Virus Leak

The British “Times” claimed in the investigation that scientists, in collaboration with the Chinese army, carried out experiments to combine the deadliest mutants of the Corona virus just before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The British newspaper relied in its investigation on what it said was based on the interception of classified communications and scientific reports, and claimed that Chinese experts had carried out a secret dangerous experiment project that had leaked the substance from “the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and into As a result, the Covid-19 pandemic began. 19”.

The Times also cites testimony from American investigators who argued that one of the reasons for the lack of public information about the work done in Chinese laboratories is that it was carried out in collaboration with researchers from the Chinese army and funded by them as part of its efforts to achieve goals in development of biological weapons, according to a British newspaper.

And the newspaper went on to investigate that the “Wuhan Institute” was increasingly involved in these risky experiments with Corona virus samples collected from bat caves in southern China.

The authors of the investigation concluded that instead of sounding the alarm at the global level, the Chinese authorities did not report the incident, but transferred virus samples to the Wuhan Institute and continued more secret research developments, the publication reports.

In turn, Chinese health officials defended their search for the source of the Covid-19 virus and criticized the World Health Organization in early April after its director said Beijing should have shared genetic information sooner.

Shen Hongping, director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, called the WHO comments “offensive and disrespectful”, accused the World Organization of trying to defame China and said it should not help others “politicize COVID-19”.

Source: British Times + AP.

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