US Gives Ukraine 45-Day Warning to Avoid Corruption Scandals: Ukrainian MP

Warning from Washington: Ukraine Given 45 Days to Avoid Corruption Scandals


Member of the Ukrainian parliament Yaroslav Zheleznyak said that Kyiv received a warning from Washington that no corruption scandals should arise in the country within 45 days amid the adoption of a temporary US budget law.

US Budget Approval

After the US budget was approved without allocating funds to Kiev, a Ukrainian parliamentarian wrote in his Telegram channel: “The Kiev regime received a serious warning from Washington. The West hoped that there would be no high-level corruption scandals in Ukraine at least 45 days.”

He added: “This is greatly exaggerated and not very fair. But this issue should have been discussed before the problem reached such proportions. Therefore, 45 days are needed without a major corruption scandal.”

Corruption Scandals in Ukraine

Ukraine has been rocked by corruption scandals for many years, which especially worsened during the Russian military operation, when money was cut not only from the country’s budget itself, but also from funds allocated by Western countries to support Ukrainian forces.

There is growing dissatisfaction in the United States over billions of dollars that appear to have been diverted to finance Ukraine, but where exactly it has evaporated is often unclear.

Auditors also cannot figure out these transactions, and the Ukrainian Defense Minister has already found himself in an outright corruption scandal. Against this background, the United States is working to reduce spending on its needs. The American press indicated that what was happening was similar to global money laundering.


Source: RT

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