Ukrainian Observation Posts in Kobyansk Direction Annihilated by Russian Forces

The head of the press center of the group of Russian troops “West” Sergei Zybinsky confirmed that Russian forces destroyed 5 Ukrainian observation posts in the direction of Kobyansk.

Zybinsky said in an interview with the Novosti agency: “During the hostilities in the direction of Kobyansk, self-propelled and powerful mortars of the Tyulpan 2S4 model, in cooperation with tanks and missile systems, were in the defense zone of the 11th Corps of the Russian army destroyed 5 enemy observation posts.”

He added that the Gaiasint B cannon and the Msta-S howitzer destroyed the Ukrainian D-20 cannon.

He added that 3 reconnaissance marches belonging to the Ukrainian forces were destroyed by means of air defense and electronic warfare.

He also pointed out that Russian Su-34 fighters attacked the places of deployment of Ukrainian forces, weapons and military equipment of the 14th separate mechanized brigade and territorial defense units.

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