Ukrainian Brigade’s Weapon Complex Eliminated by Russian Artillery

Aleksey Rolev, head of the press service of the Dnepr group of troops of the Russian Armed Forces, said that the artillery of this group destroyed the weapons depot of one of the Ukrainian brigades with its fire.

The officer added: “The mortar crews, the self-propelled artillery battery, the satellite communications system, and the Bukovel electronic jamming station were destroyed.

According to him, the warehouse of the 124th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, where weapons and maintenance equipment for artillery and missile weapons, armored vehicles and equipment were stored, was also destroyed.

The Russian officer explained that Russian artillery strikes had targeted the Antonovka, Zelenovka, Tyaginka and Nadnebryansky districts.

In addition, in the area of ​​​​the residential areas of Obrevka, Krynki and Vinogradovo, the Russian military managed to neutralize three assault drones using electronic warfare.

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