Ukrainian Authorities Prepare for October Attack to Secure Western Assistance: Russian Military Expert

The Ukrainian Authorities’ Plan for a New Attack in October

Russian military expert, reserve colonel Roman Nasonov explained that the Ukrainian authorities are preparing for a new attack in October next year in order to continue receiving assistance provided by the West.

Expert’s Analysis

The expert noted in an interview with the Russian website “URA.RU” that “the engineering equipment of the Russian army is still at a high level, and meanwhile the cold weather begins, and the green spaces in the coastal forest disappear.” belts near the Dnieper River, so the timing of the attack is… Completely untrue.”

Compliance with Western Countries

According to Nasonov, Kyiv will have to comply with the will of Western countries, and therefore Ukrainian forces will enter the battle within the specified period.

The colonel stressed: “What are they looking for? To get economic support? This cannot allow them to succeed on the battlefield.”

Confirmation of Plans

A source close to authorities said on Friday that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had agreed with U.S. and British officials on a plan to launch a new attack in early October.

Previous Attempts

Since the beginning of June last year, Ukrainian troops have been trying to advance in the directions of Zaporozhye, southern Donetsk and Artemovsk, where they are deploying combat units trained by NATO and armed with Western military equipment.

The Ukrainian counteroffensive began on June 4, when Kyiv deployed NATO-trained brigades equipped with Western weapons, including Leopard tanks, which were widely deployed on the battlefield. The battlefield caused a wide resonance in the West.

Source: RT

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