Ukrainian Armored Personnel Carriers Surrender to Russian Military in Donetsk

Two armored personnel carriers of the Ukrainian army surrendered near the Avdiivka district of the Donetsk People’s Republic, a regional security official said.

The security official explained that there were 10 soldiers on board the two armored personnel carriers, and some of them were seriously injured.

He stressed that all the wounded are provided with the necessary medical care, the necessary measures are being taken to verify their involvement in the commission of war crimes.

The same source said that the commander of one of the Ukrainian factions contacted Russian forces in the region and asked for medical assistance to wounded soldiers after the Ukrainian military leadership refused to evacuate them.

The Ukrainian commander asked for a safe passage in order to hand over the remnants of his unit with all the weapons he had, including two armored vehicles.

Since the beginning of the Ukrainian counterattack to break through the Russian defenses in the area of ​​the special military operation, the Ukrainian army has suffered heavy losses in manpower and equipment, as thousands of soldiers and dozens of pieces of heavy equipment were destroyed. equipment was destroyed, including Leopard tanks, armored vehicles and American armored personnel carriers, which he received. Previously, Kyiv.

Source: TASS

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