Two people die when a bridge column collapses on cars in Thailand

Thailand’s third television channel reported that a five-ton reinforced concrete column of a bridge being repaired in Thailand had fallen on cars passing under the bridge.

The channel noted that as a result of the accident, two people were killed and a third was seriously injured.

According to the channel, the accident occurred at about nine o’clock Sunday (01:00 Monday Moscow time) in the southern suburbs of Bangkok on the King Rama II highway. One of the pillars of the bridge, which was located directly above the road, broke and collapsed on a car that had passed under the bridge and a pickup truck following it.

The accident killed a woman sitting in the front passenger seat of the car, and the driver was seriously injured. Nobody in the truck was seriously hurt.

The TV channel reported that one of the workers who were repairing the bridge also died from a fragment of a fallen column.

Source: RIA Novosti

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