Two French Citizens Arrested on Espionage Charges in Iran: Judiciary Announces, Swedish Citizen Detained for Crimes

Iran Arrests Two French Citizens on Charges of Espionage

Iran’s judiciary announced that the country’s security services had arrested two French citizens on charges of espionage and had also detained a Swedish citizen on charges of “committing crimes” and referred the cases to the competent courts.


Iranian security services have arrested a French woman and a man on espionage charges and handed them over to the Iranian judicial system, Iranian judiciary spokesman Masoud Staichi said on Tuesday.

Details of the Case

Staici explained at a press conference that the case of the two French spies was brought to court after a comprehensive investigation, stressing that the case was “extremely important.”

Staici also said that new arrests have been made of persons involved in this case and that the data is in the process of being finalized and will be announced as soon as the information is completed, explaining that “the case has been studied twice by the lawyers of the accused” and the results will be published as only they will be received.

Iran’s Response to Western Accusations

The judiciary spokesman added that “the theories of Western countries, America and the Israeli occupation about attacks on the security of the Iranian people are not just intellectual theories,” stressing that Iran’s enemies have pre-prepared plans to “incite violence and endanger the safety of citizens.” In addition to spreading rumors in the media and other rumors, emphasizing the need to “Respond to these media attacks with the power of the media.”

Detention of Swedish Citizen

On the other hand, Staeski confirmed that the Swedish citizen was imprisoned in Iran “for committing crimes”, noting that a preliminary investigation was carried out into the allegations against the Swedish citizen, “and he was also sent to prison after prosecution.”

The spokesman noted that the investigation against the Swedish citizen is in the process of being completed and the case will be brought to court in the coming days.


Source: Iranian Mehr Agency.

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