Turkish newspaper publishes photos and details about "Iranian cell" Tried to assassinate Israelis in Istanbul

A Turkish newspaper has published new photos and details about an Iranian cell’s attempt to carry out the killings of Israelis in Istanbul.

The Turkish newspaper Sabah reported in a report on Sunday that it emerged that members of an Iranian “killer cell” based in the hotel where former Israeli consul Yousef Levy Safari was staying in the Beyoglu district planned to kidnap and execute him on an Istanbul safari, then planned an attack on Israeli tourists.

The newspaper added that the assassination cell, which consisted of 8 Iranian citizens, was deciphered by the Intelligence Directorate of the National Intelligence Service (MIT) and the Istanbul Police.

The chamber was dismantled as part of the security process. The cell is said to have begun a killing spree in the Iranian capital of Tehran. Several officers of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps were allegedly killed as a result of this.

And recently, Colonel Hassan Siad Hadii, a senior member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Unit 84, was killed in one of a series of killings by the cell.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Istanbul police intelligence found that members of the “killer cell” came to Istanbul on different days and secretly met.

In addition, a delegation of Israeli tourists booked a hotel in the Taksim area for accommodation under the name of the Chinese team “Team Chinesee”. During the check-in process at the hotel, Israeli citizen Ofek S. He wept, saying that he had received a call saying that the Iranians would kill him.

After discussing the situation with hotel officials, the delegation of Israeli tourists calmed down and the people who arrived at the hotel in Vito’s car met with the delegation, and after this meeting, the group calmed down and rested in the rooms they had booked.

The Iranian spies who planned the assassination were pursued and an operation was carried out against them by the Security and Intelligence Service in Istanbul, as it was proved that their first target was the former Consul General of Istanbul, Youssef Levy Safari, and the second target was to prepare the murder of Israeli tourists.

Source: “Sabah”

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