Tunisian federation rejects resignation of Jalal Al-Qadri as national team coach

The Tunisian Football Federation announced today, Thursday, that coach Jalal Al-Qadri will continue his duties at the helm of the Carthage Eagles team on the basis of the current contract concluded with the federation, which is extended until 2024.

The decision came after an evaluation of Al-Qadri’s nine-month stay at a meeting of the Executive Office of the Tunisian Football Federation.

The Tunisian Federation said in a statement posted on its official Facebook account: “On Thursday afternoon, December 29, 2022, an evaluation meeting was held at the headquarters of the Tunisian Football University where the technical framework of the national team (Jalal Qadri ) and, in the presence of representatives of the university office, made a detailed presentation regarding the preparatory period, as well as the negative and positive aspects associated with the participation of the Tunisian team in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

He added: “The presentation also included technical, physical, tactical and psychological aspects, as well as a number of interviews that the national team has played from March 2022 to the present. National voter Jalal Al-Qadri also gave a detailed report. presentation of interviews with Denmark, Australia and France (at the World Cup in Qatar) and the working method in preparing various matches and exhibitions, as well as an assessment of especially the performance, as well as the negative and positive points associated with each match.

And the statement continued: “At the end of this evaluation meeting, the president of the university announced that Mr. Jalal Al-Qadri had expressed his desire to step down due to his previous commitment to resign in case he did not run for the second round (for the World Cup football in Qatar). After that, a meeting of the university office was held, during which the application of Jalal Al-Qadri to continue his duties at the head of the national team on the basis of the current contract concluded with the Tunisian Football Federation, which continues until 2024, was rejected and approved, while maintaining all the technical framework that helps him in various specializations.

Notably, the Tunisian team failed to cross the station of the group stage at the World Cup in Qatar, despite racking up four points and winning in the last third round against France with an unanswered goal, which later reached the final match.

Source: Tunisian Football Federation.

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