Tokayev: It is very important to continue negotiations on Ukraine

President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev expressed confidence that the normalization of the situation in Ukraine is possible only if there is goodwill from Moscow and Kyiv and that “it is very important to continue negotiations.”

At a special meeting of the Qatar Economic Forum, he said: “Answering the question about the prospects for a peaceful settlement of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, it is important to continue the negotiation process.”

“Good intentions on both sides are needed to resolve this crisis,” he added.

Tokayev pointed to “differences in the international community and the weakness of the UN Security Council in resolving this issue.”

He continued: “The United Nations has never been in such an uncomfortable situation before… Even during the Cold War, the United Nations was more united… We are very concerned about what will happen to the United Nations in the future. “

“We believe in multilateralism and strongly believe in the need for the international community to be more united and show solidarity, and of course this will have a positive impact on the two countries so that they can achieve peace,” he stressed.

Source: “News”

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