To reproduce the new Mohamed Salah.. English project in Egypt

Aston Villa CEO Christian Purslow has revealed that his club is considering setting up its own academy in Egypt to spot football talent.

Christian Purslow spoke about Aston Villa’s role in helping the Egyptians turn pro, citing player Ahmed Al-Mohammadi who is helping the club with its current project despite his long-time departure, and Trezeguet who played an important role in staying in the English Premier League.

Christian said in a televised address on Al-Ula Egyptian: “We have a glorious history with Egyptian players such as Ahmed Al-Mohammadi, who represents Egypt beautifully and is an important addition to the club. Ambassador of Aston Villa and we are always proud of him and benefit from his presence.”

He added: “Ahmed Al-Muhammadi is helping Aston Villa and their next project. I have no confirmed information about his participation. I don’t know any part of the club specifically, but he contributes to our project and helps us.”

Regarding Trezeguet, he said: “He joined us and showed a great level and also contributed to the club’s survival in the English Premier League. It was a historic moment for him with us and we are very grateful to him.”

And an Aston Villa official stated: “There are 4 Egyptian players who were in our camp and spent a period of coexistence with us during the last period and I think they were very pleased with their presence with us.”

And he continued: “We always try to open the way for Egyptian players by building academies in Egypt and promoting the professionalization of players at a young age, and this is an important goal that we are focused on. We trust Egyptian players and we have been trying to discover them since the age of 17, and we help to sign them and open the way for them.” for European professionalism.

He added: “We have a clear vision for the club. We are trying to create a dedicated academy for us in Egypt to discover talent and pave the way for them to travel to England, go through a period of coexistence and start a professional career.” … We have more than one young Egyptian player and we are trying to bring in more talent, it won’t be easy.” But we are trying to take a chance and help them with this.”

And he continued: “Egypt has a great football history, and it has a great legacy in the form of players from Europe, such as Mido and Trezeguet, as well as Mohamed Salah.”

Christian Purslow concluded his speech by saying: “We hope to discover the new Mohamed Salah and join us in the English Premier League. He is an Egyptian phenomenon and a great legend in European stadiums and we hope to clone him because he is proud of it.” “

Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, Liverpool winger, with great achievements in European stadiums on an individual and collective level, has been instrumental for 10 years in getting English club Aston Villa to think. on the creation of a project to reveal football talents in the country of “Pharaoh”.

The Egyptian star is regarded as one of the most prominent professionals in Arab and African history due to the great achievements he has achieved in European stadiums both individually and collectively.

Mohamed Salah started his professional journey in Europe at the Swiss Basel Gate in 2013, moving from Egyptian Arab contractors before he moved to Chelsea in the summer of 2015 and from there on loan to Fiorentina and Rome, and stayed with the latter in the last sale in 2016 year.

In the summer of 2017, the Egyptian pharaoh joined the ranks of Liverpool to start a colorful journey and make history by winning European and local titles, as well as personal achievements linked to his amazing goalscoring record.

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