TikTok Introduces New Ad Placement in Search Results Page: Targeting Users Searching for Products and Brands

TikTok Introduces New Ad Placement in Search Results Page

TikTok announced today that it is expanding its advertising opportunities by introducing a new ad placement within the search results page. Called the “Search Ads Toggle,” this feature allows advertisers to specifically target TikTok users who are searching for information about new products or brands through the app’s search box.

Benefits of Search Ads Toggle

This ad placement is TikTok’s first opportunity for brands to reach users who are actively searching for related content. It should be noted, however, that the Search Ads Toggle is an extension of an advertiser’s existing TikTok video ad buy and not a standalone product.

In terms of brand safety, TikTok ensures that advertisers have control over where their ads are placed. This includes the ability to add “Negative Keywords” to each ad group, which helps avoid displaying ads against queries that may not align with the brand image.

Positive Results from Testing

TikTok claims that internal tests conducted in July showed promising results with 70% of ad groups experiencing lower cost per action (CPA) as a result of the Search Ads Toggle. These improved conversions have led to increased interest among advertisers. For instance, early testers such as Clinique and DIBS Beauty witnessed significant success, including higher conversion rates and click-through rates.

A Challenge to Google’s Dominance?

The addition of this ad slot could potentially challenge Google’s search ads business. According to Google Senior Vice President Prabhakar Raghavan, younger users now rely heavily on social apps like TikTok and Instagram for their initial searches rather than using Google.

Growing Importance of TikTok for Brands

While brands may not fully understand the shift in young people’s search behaviors, TikTok has slowly established itself as a popular search engine for Gen Z. As such, it’s worth noting that search ads on TikTok could be influential in shaping users’ shopping behavior.

With the launch of Search Ads Toggle, advertisers now have an additional opportunity to connect with qualified and high-intent TikTok users who are actively searching for relevant content. According to Ray (Jiayi) Cao, TikTok’s global head of Monetization Product Solution & Operation, this new ad placement allows advertisers to engage with the TikTok community in authentic and engaging ways.

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