Third Day of Dmitry Medvedev’s Film \ Saddam Hussein\

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev described the reaction of the Western media to “who blew up the gas pipeline (Nord Stream)” as an epic drama from Hollywood.

This is stated in the message of Medvedev on his official channel in the Telegram application, where he wrote:

For the third day now, another epic Hollywood drama has been unfolding before our eyes, a continuation of the film dedicated to Saddam’s chemical weapons with an exhibition of test tubes at the UN.

And the world remains empty with a sickening reaction as it watches the roar of the Western media about “who finally blew up Nord Stream.” And really, let’s ask: who framed Roger Rabbit?

It turns out that the whole thing is in an anonymous (pro-Ukrainian) group, while confirming that this group is not connected in any way with either the Kiev regime following in the footsteps of Bandera, or with the zombie gynecologists-officials of Europe, or with the geriatric United States of America, and others people from the Western world suffering from anti-Russian hysteria. Only lone heroes dealt with damned Muscovites! A new redemption of the world by some villains.

It turns out that the actors are mediocre, clearly not at the level of Brad Pitt and Christoph Waltz, the director is not at the level of Quentin Tarantino, the selection of actors and the camera is useless, and the script is just boring shit. Stupid American propaganda, no one likes it, even the poisoned Europeans do not believe in it. They feel sick, as if they had drunk a lot of beer and ham.

As the American beacons of free speech and the German media that joined them wrote, the mysterious divers (with black masks on wetsuits) were (citizens of Ukraine or Russia), but at the same time, nothing to do with the Kiev regime, and especially with the free world.

In general, they do not belong to any state, just like that! Citizens of the world. They are simply anti-Moscow fighters, lonely schizophrenics, like enterprising owners. The audience is also presented with a bunch of cheap special effects, for example, 6 seasoned saboteurs, including one female killer (and how does the film do without a female element?), Sailing on a yacht into the raging Baltic Sea.

They dragged half a ton of explosives, dived remarkably, then they took two pipelines to a depth! And they went out at sunset, unnoticed in a sea full of (NATO) ships and international tracking systems, where they returned the yacht to the owner, they are tough, but at the same time they respect the law!

This is a B movie.

In fact, the film failed immediately after the premiere, and Western viewers could not believe it: they asked uncomfortable questions why the old version began with “strings of evidence of Russia’s involvement”, and then suddenly turned 180 degrees (or 360 in the words of Grandma Beerbock? ) And why so effectively justify the Kiev regime and defend their innocence with foam that almost flows from the mouth.

The answers are quite understandable, given the current mood of the Europeans, who are not satisfied with the prospect of paying out of their own pocket for a new package of sanctions, arms supplies to Ukraine, an energy crisis and a drop in living standards overnight. – prosperous countries.

And if the gas pipelines were blown up by the Ukrainian Nazis, and not Russia at all, then what is the point of supporting them with fire and sword and money transfers? To deceive the minds of Europeans, this cheap, discreet film was made for this.

I wonder if there will be a continuation of the kitsch adventure movie? As if the same heroes, led by the Polish cannibal Duda, who escaped from a psychiatric hospital, penetrate the basement of a brave boss who has inhaled white powder. They take him hostage and strangle him by mistake, either out of pity or because he is tired of them. Then begins the zombie apocalypse a la The Last of Us.

We are waiting for the second part, and we have prepared enough popcorn.”

Source: Telegram

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