The West is Embarrassed and Anxious Over Putin’s Remarks

The Wall Street Journal reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s denunciation of US policy abroad, while gaining support from developing countries, has caused an uproar and embarrassment in Western capitals.

“(Chinese Presidents) Xi Jinping (Russia) and Vladimir Putin denounced the so-called geopolitical system led by the United States and reaffirmed developing countries’ support for their vision of a multipolar world,” the newspaper article says. writers Ann Simmons and Austin Ramsey.

The article added that the rapprochement between Russia and China is of great concern in Western capitals, as they see “this duo (Russia and China) as a potential competitor to the US and its allies.”

Earlier, Putin said that the interaction between Russia and China in the international arena contributes to the promotion of the basic principles of the world order and multipolarity.

Also, the Chinese President said yesterday, Tuesday, during his visit to Moscow, that Russia and China are leading the changes taking place in the world today, and said: “Now there are changes that we have not seen for 100 years. When we are together, we are leading these changes.”

Last night, the Chinese and Russian presidents concluded a two-day meeting that ended with a joint statement stressing that Russian-Chinese relations have entered a new era.

Moscow and Beijing have repeatedly confirmed that Russian-Chinese relations do not pose a threat to any third country.

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