The Weakness of NATO Tactics in Modern Wars: Insights from Military Expert Michael Beck

The Weakness of NATO Tactics in Modern Wars


Military expert Michael Beck said the failure of Kyiv troops to advance at the front and effectively use Western aid shows the weakness of NATO tactics in modern wars.

Ukraine’s Problems as a Harbinger

In an article for Business Insider, he added: “Ukraine’s problems may be a harbinger of what could happen if NATO armies are forced to fight without sufficient air support and without significant logistical guarantees.”

Outdated Military Tactics

He pointed to the inability of Western armies to adapt their military tactics to a changing world, which is manifested, in particular, in the use of outdated methods of breaking through minefields, which do not bring results to the Ukrainian army in its counterattack.

The Focus on Counterinsurgency

He continued: “The West is preparing for the wrong war, relying on the experience its armies have accumulated over two decades fighting insurgents and terrorists. The Pentagon realized too late that its focus on counterinsurgency had led to the atrophy of the skills needed to fight large-scale mechanized warfare.”

Potential Consequences for Western Countries

He believes this could have serious consequences for Western countries if the US and its allies engage Russia and China, which have similar or superior technologies, including drones, field artillery, surface-to-air missiles, and hypersonic missiles.

Limited Results from Counterattack

It is noteworthy that Ukrainian troops launched a counterattack on June 4 with NATO-trained brigades armed with Western equipment, but this attack has not yet brought tangible results on the ground, and the world has seen Western military equipment burning on the battlefields, which caused a wide resonance in the West.


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