The Underrated Gem: No One Will Save You – A Stellar Follow-Up with Minimal Dialogue and a Captivating Performance by Kaitlyn Dever

The Underrated Gem: No One Will Save You

No One Will Save You__

2020 was a messy year for film distribution due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Studios struggled to properly release new movies to an eager audience, resulting in some great titles slipping through the cracks of public awareness. One such hidden gem is Spontaneous, the directorial debut of Brian Duffield, the screenwriter of The Babysitter. Adapted from Aaron Starmer’s novel of the same name, the film blends young adult drama with explosive horror, using the spontaneous combustion of teenagers as a metaphor for America’s school shooting epidemic. With its dark comedy and confident voice, Spontaneous establishes Duffield as an exciting talent.

A Stellar Follow-Up: No One Will Save You

Duffield delivers yet another exceptional film with No One Will Save You three years later. This high-concept sci-fi horror features old-school grey aliens terrorizing a protagonist in her isolated house, creating a phenomenal atmosphere of sustained dread. Simultaneously, it is a minimalist character study with a stunning performance from Kaitlyn Dever and a captivating exploration of grief. It’s a cinematic wonder and a significant triumph for original genre movies.

The Power of Silence

Its extraordinary use of minimal dialogue sets No One Will Save You apart. Throughout its 93 minutes, there is almost zero speech. Yet, this absence of words never feels like a gimmick; it allows the film to convey its story through visual storytelling. By following Brynn, our protagonist, in scenes where speech is unnecessary or less significant, the film draws viewers in with silence while evoking a sense of horror. In a cinematic landscape often filled with awkward exposition, No One Will Save You showcases the power of showing instead of telling.

Kaitlyn Dever’s Tour de Force

Of course, relying on non-verbal communication places an extra burden on the expressions of the protagonist. Luckily, the film benefits from the exceptional talent of Kaitlyn Dever, one of the best young actors of her generation. Dever has impressed audiences with her versatile performances, from her hard-edged role in the series Justified to her comedic brilliance in Booksmart. However, her portrayal of Brynn in No One Will Save You may be her most impressive wore. Dever skillfully conveys Brynn’s emotional journey with barely any words, captivating viewers with moments of peaceful solitude, heart-thumping anxiety, unbridled panic, and heart-wrenching heartbreak.

A Protagonist Worth Rooting For

Brynn is a mysterious but lovable character with innocent hobbies and a sweet disposition. This makes her the perfect target when aliens invade her life. The film opts for a classic “grey” alien design, combining familiar appearances, terrifying abilities, and advanced technology that keeps the tension high throughout the journey. When you think the movie has reached its wildest point, it surprises you with even more creativity and terror, featuring paralyzing beams of light and hallucination-inducing parasites. Although it’s a shame that this film goes straight to Hulu instead of theaters, it still provides a terrific experience when watched at night in a dark living room.

A Film for Spooky Season

No One Will Save You is a perfect addition to any spooky season viewing, offering more than just scares. The film delves into profound themes that linger in your thoughts long after watching. Without giving too much away, Brynn’s struggle to evade extraterrestrials parallels the journey of recovering from grief, culminating in a terrific, unexpected, yet fitting ending.


This film is a testament to the current boom in the horror genre, joining an exciting roster of original titles released in recent years. While it may be buried among streaming releases, No One Will Save You is destined to gain at least a cult following. It deserves to be a hit and should be added to your Halloween 2023 watch list. Don’t miss out on this underrated gem that blends science fiction, horror, and heartfelt storytelling uniquely.

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