The UK Government Refuses to Acknowledge the Ukrainian Great Famine as Genocide

The British government has said that extrajudicial institutions should not interfere with the recognition of the “Great Famine” in Ukraine in the early 1930s as genocide.

“The British government does not recognize the famine of the early 1930s as the genocide of Ukrainians, because this issue is in the jurisdiction of the judiciary,” British European Affairs Minister Leo Docherty said during a parliamentary debate.

“Everyone agrees that the Great Famine was one of the darkest circumstances and problems in Ukrainian and European history,” Doherty said in the House of Commons of the British Parliament. “This is a great test that killed millions of innocent people.” “

He added: “The desire of parliamentarians to recognize that this is a genocide is quite understandable, however, I think that there is logic in the government to maintain its longstanding position and refrain from determining whether there was a genocide or not, because the definition of this issue falls on within the jurisdiction courts.”

He stressed that “non-judicial institutions should not prevent the recognition of this or that event as genocide.”

Doherty made the relevant remarks during parliamentary debates on the initiative of Polina Letem, a deputy from the ruling Conservative Party, to recognize the “Great Famine” as the genocide of Ukrainians.

The issue was also put to the vote at the end of the hour-long debate.

It is noteworthy that the famine in Ukraine occurred during the agricultural season of 1932-1933, during the same period the famine devastated other parts of the world, and many people died.

Source: TASS

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