The Syrian Ministry of Oil is taking urgent action related to gasoline and diesel due to the devastating earthquake.

The Syrian Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources has taken urgent action to step up rescue and relief operations in areas hit by the devastating earthquake.

According to a statement released by the ministry, it has provided additional petroleum products (gasoline – diesel) to all governorates to enhance rescue and support operations and remove debris, ready to immediately respond to any emergency needs around the clock. .

Regarding the damage to the Syrian oil sector, the statement stated the following:

– A crack in the chimney of a power unit at the Baniyas refinery, subsidence of the brick lining of the furnaces, some smuggling of oil products from flanges and cracks in buildings, which required the refinery to be shut down to repair the damage and return to expected operation within 48 hours.

– Damage occurred in the buildings of the Syrian Oil Transportation Company in Baniyas, where the walls cracked and separated from the columns, in addition to damage to residential buildings.

– Gas compressors stopped at the plant in the South-Central region, which were discovered and immediately launched.

– Damage to the bases of spherical gas tanks in Aleppo.

– Infections among employees of the ministry are not recorded.

Source: RT

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