The striker missed his wedding because of the match. Instead, he sent his brother (photo)

Sierra Leonean Mohamed Boya Torai, a striker for Swedish club Malmö, was forced to miss his wedding after the club asked him to join him as soon as possible in preparation for the match against him.

And the British newspaper Daily Mail revealed the details of the strange story of Muhammad Buya Torai, commenting on it with the words: “There must be something important for you if you miss your wedding day.”

The wedding was scheduled for July 21, but the Malmö club wanted the 27-year-old to join them as soon as possible in preparation for the match against him.

The 27-year-old signed with the Swedish side after a spell in the Chinese Super League and Malmö announced the deal on July 22 after a trip to his country, so Torai skipped the party and traveled to Sweden instead.

But in accordance with the cunning plan described by the Daily Mail, and due to the fact that he could not be in two places at the same time, Toraya’s brother switched places with him at the wedding to walk down the aisle along with the bride Souad Baidon.

Toray posted 3 photos of himself and his new wife through his social media accounts, but confirmed that these photos were taken before the event and his departure to Sweden.

“We got married on July 21 in Sierra Leone, but I was not there because the Malmö club asked me to arrive early,” said Mohamed Boya Torai in comments published by the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

He added, “We took the photo beforehand so it looks like I was there but I wasn’t, my brother was supposed to represent me at the actual wedding.”

The player concluded: “I will now try to move my wife to Sweden and Malmö so that she is near me.. She will live here with me.”

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