The Russian Embassy in Washington denies the presence of occupational aspirations for a Russian military operation

The Russian embassy in Washington said US officials’ allegations of “annexation” of liberated lands from Ukraine confirm the US’s desire to foment conflict.

The embassy added in a statement on its Telegram channel: “Allegations about the occupational nature of the Russian special military operation are completely false.

“Allegations about the alleged nature of the Russian special military operation are fundamentally wrong. We are restoring peace in the liberated lands, creating conditions for a normal life and respecting the equality of citizens regardless of race and language.”

The embassy said that these hints confirm the intention of the United States to “fuel” the conflict for as long as possible.

Earlier, the United States threatened to tighten sanctions against Russia and try to weaken its military potential if Moscow decides to “attach” the liberated lands in Ukraine.

Source: RIA Novosti

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