The Russian company signs the signed investment contract "Jules Jamal" On the Syrian coast for 45 years

The Syrian City Council of Latakia today signed a contract with the Russian company Sinara Int to invest in Gol Jamal tourist site to build a 4-star tourist complex with more than 300 hotel rooms.

It was signed on behalf of the Latakia City Council by its chairman, engineer Hussein Khaled Zingerli, and on behalf of Sinara Int, by General Director Dmitry Oparin, with the approval of the Minister of Tourism, engineer Muhammad Rami. Martini.

In a statement to journalists after the signing, Minister Martini confirmed that the signing of the contract is within the framework of strengthening strategic economic, social, cultural and public relations and intensifying areas of joint cooperation between the two friendly countries.

Martini pointed out that the Russian company has provided all the conditions for the successful signing of the contract, which includes a percentage of income for the Latakia City Council and will accelerate the development of tourism from the Russian side to Syria, especially with the presence of several Russian companies investing in the Syrian tourism sector, where this summer we will witness the opening of five New and other hotel properties that have been rehabilitated or are in the process of being rehabilitated in and around Damascus, Tartus, Aleppo and Latakia.

In turn, the general manager of the Sinara Int company indicated that most countries of the world have closed their doors to Russian tourists, and Syria is the only one that still opens its doors to him, pointing out that the prospects for developing work in two countries and the promotion of tourism in Russia, and the contract signed today confirmed the development of tourism activities between the two parties.

For his part, the head of the Latakia City Council explained that the investment contract for the Gol Jamal facility was executed under the BOT investment system for a period of 45 years, and the contract period was 6 years. years from the date of its signing, adding: This contract will have a positive impact on City Council revenues and will encourage domestic tourism.

Source: Sana

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