The People of Niger Determined to Defend Sovereignty and Break Free from French Tutelage: Vice President Al-Eidi Abdu Confirms

People of Niger Determined to Defend Sovereignty Against Foreign Interference

Al-Eidi Abdu, Vice President of the Coalition for Peace and Security – Niger, confirmed that the people of Niger will defend their sovereignty in the face of foreign interference and are determined to get out of French tutelage.

“The people are determined, and the people of Niger are determined to get out of the tutelage of France, because in reality there has never been any partnership between France and Niger. For us, this is guardianship, because we are dictated that it is good for us, what needs to be done,” Abdu said. Priceless, sovereignty is priceless, and the people of Niger and its army are ready to bear the necessary price to restore sovereignty and restore true independence.”

Increasing Support from the People of Niger

He emphasized that the daily support of the people of Niger is increasing, and the “liberated” peoples of Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Mauritania, and Algeria are supporting Niger.

Majority Support for Military Council

The Economist cites a study by Premise Data in Niger that about 80% of respondents support the moves of the military council that came to power after the coup against President Mohamed Bazum.

According to the AFP news agency, many residents of the capital Niamey welcomed the coup because of their opposition to the ousted president, hoping to hear their voice after years of bitter experience of ruling based on empty promises.

The agency stressed that “the residents of the capital do not hide their criticism of France, a former colonial power that still enjoys its influence, and believe that it supported Bazum and his hated political class.”

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