The North Korean President threatens to destroy the South Korean army and government if "Try dangerous adventures"

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has threatened to destroy the army and power of his southern neighbor if Seoul goes on “dangerous adventures.”

“We warn the South Korean government that we will destroy its army if they undertake any dangerous adventures,” Kim was quoted by South Korean news agency Yonhap as saying.

North Korea has warned that the United States and South Korea will face unprecedented security challenges if they do not stop their hostile campaign against it, including joint military exercises.

“If the United States and its allies choose to confront us militarily, they will face unprecedented security instability,” said Choi Jin, deputy director general of the Disarmament and Peace Institute, a think tank run by the North Korean foreign ministry. Associated Press.

He dismissed this year’s joint military exercise between Washington and Seoul as bringing the Korean Peninsula to the brink of war, and accused U.S. and South Korean officials of planning to discuss the deployment of U.S. strategic nuclear weapons during other joint exercises that should start next month.

Source: Yonhap + RT

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