The Netherlands may resort to gas production at a field prone to seismic activity

The Dutch government has suggested that gas production may continue at the Groningen field, which must be closed due to a sharp increase in seismic activity for a longer period than expected in its region.

In a letter to the lower house of the country’s parliament, State Minister for Economic and Climate Affairs Hans Wilberev said that the closure of the field is inevitable, but it is not yet possible to name a specific date.

“Given all the remaining uncertainties, I cannot now guarantee that the Groningen field will be closed in 2023 or 2024,” he added.

It was planned to stop production at the field from April 2022, then, according to the national gas transmission operator Gasunie Transport Services, production was to be stopped no later than the third quarter of 2023.

On Monday, the Dutch government announced the first three levels of the gas crisis as “early warning”, which is due, among other things, to the lifting of all restrictions on electricity generation at coal-fired power plants.

Source: Interfax

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