The Machine on Netflix: Comedian Bert Kreischer Takes the Number One Spot

Netflix’s Top Film “The Machine” Starring Comedian Bert Kreischer Takes the Number One Spot

The Top 10 list on Netflix as of September 25, 2023 is currently dominated by a single movie – “The Machine.” This comedy film is based on the stand-up comedy of popular comedian Bert Kreischer, who is known for his unique style and humor. Kreischer has previously released a highly successful Netflix comedy special called “Razzle Dazzle” earlier this year, but now his comedic genius is being showcased in “The Machine” available on Netflix, which seems to be a cinematic adaptation of his 2016 Showtime special with the same name.

Originally released in May 2023, “The Machine” made its way to theaters. Being produced by Sony, it was naturally destined to stream on Netflix due to the existing deal between the studio and the streaming platform. With a generous budget of $20 million, the film was able to collect over $10 million during its theatrical run. Despite receiving largely negative reviews from critics, it has found favor among fans of Kreischer’s comedy.

Bert Kreischer himself stars in “The Machine,” which revolves around an anecdote from his real-life experiences. The story follows his college trip to Russia in 1999, where, during a night of partying, he earns the nickname “The Machine” due to his impressive ability to consume large amounts of alcohol. However, years later, the trip comes back to haunt him as the Russian mob kidnaps both him and his father, seeking to settle a score. The film is a hilarious and thrilling adventure that showcases the comedic talent of Bert Kreischer and the creative storytelling of its producers.

Meet the Cast of “The Machine” on Netflix:

In the upcoming film, Bert Kreischer plays the lead role as himself, while Jimmy Tatro, known for his roles in “American Vandal” and “Home Economics,” portrays the college-aged version of Kreischer. Mark Hamill, the legendary actor famous for his role in “Star Wars,” plays the character of Bert’s father. Despite Tatro, Hamill, and Kreischer being the most recognizable actors in the movie, the rest of the cast also delivers commendable performances. While their names may not be as familiar to viewers, they bring depth to their characters and contribute significantly to the overall quality of the film.

Here is the complete cast of “The Machine” on Netflix:
  • Bert Kreischer as Himself
  • Mark Hamill as Albert, Bert’s father
  • Jimmy Tatro as Young Bert Kreischer
  • Iva Babić as Irina, a mobster
  • Robert Maaser as Alexei, Irina’s brother
  • Stephanie Kurtzuba as LeeAnn
  • Martyn Ford as Sponge
  • Jessica Gabor as Sasha, Bert’s oldest daughter
  • Rita Bernard Shaw as Ashley
  • Nikola Đuričko as Igor
  • Oleg Taktarov as Train Igor
  • Amelie Villiers as Tatiana, Bert’s youngest daughter
  • Marko Nedeljkovic as Young Igor
  • Mercedes De La Cruz as Teacher

THE MACHINE – Official Red Band Trailer:

Don’t miss out! Stream “The Machine” on Netflix now and join the hilarious escapades of Bert Kreischer.

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