The Libyan Oil Corporation responds to "African Intelligence" about bank transfer "suspicious" $4 million

The Libyan National Oil Corporation issued a statement on Thursday in response to an article published by the French website Africa Intellect about a bank transfer it called “suspicious” to the Emirati company BGN.

The Libyan National Oil Corporation has refuted what it says were false allegations and allegations posted on the Africa Intelligence website on February 21, 2023 under the headline “Attorney General in Tripoli Investigates NOC Payments to Oil Company BGN International.”

The NOC statement said the site “falsely claimed that Tripoli’s Attorney General had launched an investigation into payments made by the National Oil Corporation to certain outside parties.”

And she emphasized that she works in accordance with the Libyan legislation, regulations and laws, as she always strives to professionally fulfill her contracts, taking into account the importance of protecting the interests of the Libyan state and the Libyan people.

She also affirmed the neutrality and independence of the Foundation’s work in all parts of Libya, noting that it is going to take legal action and hold accountable those who promote fake news, given that the image of the Foundation and its Board of Directors is distorted and included as a party in any political conflict.

French website Africa Intelligence reported on Tuesday that the attorney general, adviser Al Siddique Al Sur, was investigating a “suspicious transfer” of $4 million from the National Oil Corporation to a Swiss account linked to the UAE. company lv.

Information published by the site indicates that the order to transfer this amount of money was issued several weeks ago, but it was blocked by the compliance department of the Libyan Foreign Bank, which manages the funds of the National Oil Corporation.

The source said the mechanism could allow National Oil Corporation revenues to be paid to Saddam, son of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, as part of an agreement reached last July in Abu Dhabi with Ibrahim al-Dabaiba.

Source: Libyan portal “Vasat”

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