The Last of Us Season 2: Release Date, Uncertainties, and Casting Rumors

The Last of Us on hiatus?

There has been a lot of buzz about a series called The Last of Us, which is the adaptation of a popular video game by Naughty Dog. HBO signed on for a second season after the first season received great success and positive reviews. However, fans will have to wait patiently as the second season is not expected to be released until 2025 or later.

The producers of the series are currently facing uncertainties. They do not know how many episodes will be included in the second season or how many seasons will follow. Additionally, the ongoing writers’ strike in Hollywood could cause delays and disruptions to the project. Despite these challenges, the co-creator of The Last of Us series, Craig Mazin, remains optimistic and is focused on casting for the show.

The HBO series holds its Abby

One burning question among fans is who will play the character Abby in the upcoming episodes of The Last of Us series. The casting for this important role is crucial for the success of future seasons. Many fans believe that the ideal actress for the role is Shanon Berry, a talented Australian actress who has appeared in shows like Hunters, Offspring, and The Wilds. Some fans even speculated that Neil Druckmann’s Instagram follow of Berry indicated she was chosen for the role. However, the official casting announcement has not been made yet, and fans may be surprised by the eventual choice.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Craig Mazin hinted that the team has already found their Abby. He acknowledged that there will always be disagreements about casting choices, but emphasized the positive reception from the audience and the Academy. Francesca Orsi, head of series at HBO, also revealed that casting information for The Last of Us will be announced soon. Fans can look forward to discovering the face of HBO’s Abby in the near future.

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