The Jeddah Federation’s Record-Breaking Bid for Mohamed Salah: Why Liverpool Refused and Saudi Arabia’s Motives Revealed

The Failed Bid: Jeddah Federation’s Record-breaking Offer for Mohamed Salah

The Jeddah Federation made a splash in the football world these days after making an astronomical and record-breaking offer to tempt Liverpool to drop the services of their star Mohamed Salah, but the deal ultimately fell through.

The Offer and Rejection

The Saudi club made an initial offer to include Salah in the £100m price tag, which rose to £150m, but it was rejected late last Thursday (August 31) before further reports emerged this morning Thursday that Jeddah The federation has prepared a final offer of £225m, but the Egyptian star has remained at Liverpool after the curtain fell on the Saudi summer transfer market by midnight this Thursday (September 7).

The Motive Behind the Move

Saudi Arabia’s bold offer to include Salah left fans and critics wondering the motive behind the move even before the deal fell through due to the intransigence of the English team’s management and their commitment to their Egyptian star.

Neil Jones, a British writer and journalist specializing in Liverpool news, revealed the complexities behind Saudi Arabia’s unprecedented bid in football history and its motives a few days ago.

Liverpool’s Firm Stance

When asked about the possibility of Liverpool turning down Saudi Arabia’s record bid to include Salah, Jones made it clear, as he said in statements released by anfieldindex: “I’ve spoken to people who are familiar with these kinds of things. I said: “Is there any chance of Liverpool surrendering? They said no.” Opportunity Liverpool’s firm stance is reassuring for the fans, but also raises questions about the motives behind the Saudi Arabian offer.

The Timing and Deliberate Move

The British journalist noted that the most confusing aspect of this show is the timing and asked: “Why did you wait so long? Why now?” As for Al Ittihad Jeddah, he is waiting for the final days of the transfer market to submit his offer to include Salah.

Jones suggested that the late deadline for the offer could be the main reason for the failure of Salah’s deal, but at the same time stressed that the move could have been deliberate and aimed at “raising interest.”

Jones said of the matter: “If they had made a £150m offer in June, I think there would have been half the chance of signing Salah.”

The Benefits for the Saudi Professional League

Saudi Pro League clubs are eligible to enter into summer contracts until midnight on September 7, and Liverpool cannot invite any players after September 1 due to the closure of the transfer market in England.

In this context, Jones emphasized that Saudi Arabia’s belated offer not only creates problems for Liverpool, but also increases media interest in the offer, which benefits the Saudi Professional League.

Jones emphasized that the Saudi Pro League has a lot to gain even after Salah’s contract is terminated by gaining interest from all over the world, adding: “The Saudi League is not limited to betting only on the player, they are seeking to attract the attention of the world community.”


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