The Increased Frequency of China’s Military Activities around Taiwan Raises Risk of Accidental Clash, Says Taiwan’s Defence Minister

China’s Military Activities around Taiwan Raise Risk of Accidental Clash, says Defense Minister


The increased frequency of China’s military activities around Taiwan recently has raised concerns about the possibility of events “getting out of hand” and leading to an accidental clash, according to Taiwan’s defense minister.

China’s Military Drills near Taiwan

Taiwan has reported numerous instances over the past two weeks where China has deployed fighters, drones, bombers, warships, and even the aircraft carrier Shandong near the island. China considers Taiwan, a democratic nation, as its own territory and has been conducting such drills to assert its sovereignty and pressure Taipei.

Potential Risks and Concerns

In response to concerns about the frequency of Chinese activities and the possibility of accidental incidents escalating into a larger conflict, Taiwan’s defense minister, Chiu Kuo-cheng, expressed deep worry. He highlighted the joint operations of warships from China’s southern and eastern theatre commands off Taiwan’s east coast, emphasizing the increased risks associated with such activities.

Taiwan’s Defensive Strategy and China’s Provocations

Taiwan traditionally planned to use its mountainous east coast, particularly the major air bases, as a regrouping and preservation area in the event of a conflict. However, China has been increasingly demonstrating its military capabilities near Taiwan’s east coast, operating further away from its own coastline.

China’s Recent Actions and Taiwan’s Response

China has not commented on the recent drills near Taiwan, and its defense ministry has not provided any response to inquiries. Taiwan’s defense minister revealed that the Shandong was operating as the “opposing force” during the drills, with China’s Eastern Theatre Command forces acting as the “attacking force” in a simulated battle scenario. Taiwan remains calm and committed to not escalating the situation, but it will not tolerate repeated provocations from China, which has so far refrained from entering Taiwan’s territorial seas or airspace.

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